Series Outline

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  • 1


    • Welcome to Digital Bootcamp

  • 2

    Lesson One: Make Your Practice COVID-19 Friendly

    • Remember Cash is King

    • How Am I Doing?

    • How Do I Improve My Cash Position?

    • What's Next and Lesson Disclosures

  • 3

    Lesson Two: Making A Trusted, Emotional Connection Through a Webcam

    • Starting Off

    • Mastering the Technical Process: Devote at Least Three Hours to Learn

    • Creating an Emotional Connection with Your Client

    • Before the Meeting

    • During the Meeting

    • After the Meeting

    • Remaining Fully Compliant in the Process

    • Conclusion and Lesson Disclosures

  • 4

    Lesson Three: Refreshing Your Online Profile In Our New Era

    • It's a Worthwhile Investment

    • To Begin, Ask Yourself Three Questions

    • Four Things You'll Need to Get Started

    • It's an Art and a Science

    • Keep Compliance Top of Mind

  • 5

    Lesson Four: Turn Your Existing Clients into Fans Who Refer Their Friends

    • You Have to Ask

    • Client Appreciation Events: Your Secret Sauce

    • Virtual Event Ideas

    • 5 Client Conversation Starters

    • Lesson Disclosures

  • 6

    Lesson Five: Raising Brand Awareness in Your Community While People Are Home

    • Building Your Brand

    • Brand Building Ideas

    • Will raising brand awareness in your community translate into long-term loyalty or sales?

    • Lesson Disclosures

  • 7

    Lesson Six: Restarting Leads in a Remote Selling Environment

    • Generating Leads

    • Annuities

    • Online Leads

    • Location, Location, Location

    • Be Social, Helpful, and a Trusted Source

    • Partner Up

    • Keep Them Warm

    • “Ad”ding to Your Strategy

    • Lesson Disclosures


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