Annuities Simplified

  • Conquer the Jargon

    Get a better understanding of what the terms in an annuity contract really mean.

  • Hear from Real People

    Let actual Nassau employees explain how this type of annuity product works.

  • Lead the Conversation

    Help determine the questions you want to ask before consulting with a professional.

Series Outline

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  • 1

    Understanding Annuities

    • What is an annuity and what are its benefits?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • What is a fixed indexed annuity?

    • Two-Question Quiz

    • Can I change my mind and get a refund?

    • One-Question Quiz

  • 2

    How Will My Contract Grow in Value?

    • What is contract value and how can it grow?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • How do indexed accounts work?

    • Two-Question Quiz

  • 3

    Can I Take Money Out of My FIA?

    • Can I withdraw money from my contract?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • What are surrender charges and when are they assessed?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • How will the current market performance affect me if I choose to withdraw my money?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • Can I withdraw some of my money without a penalty?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • How do I take out enough money to meet my IRS required minimum withdrawal requirements?

    • One-Question Quiz

  • 4

    How Can I Start Getting Regular Payments?

    • How can I start to use my fixed indexed annuity to pay me regular income?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • How much income can I get from my fixed indexed annuity?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • What is a benefit base and how does it grow?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • How do I start using the income benefit?

    • One-Question Quiz

  • 5

    Can I Pass the Money on to My Heirs?

    • What happens when I die?

    • One-Question Quiz

    • Can my spouse still get income if I die?

    • One-Question Quiz

  • 6

    Key Terms to Know

    • Glossary

  • 7

    Test Your Knowledge

    • Do you understand the basics of FIAs? Find out!


The videos shown as a part of this series are for general information purposes only. The features and applicable conditions discussed in the above videos and attached glossary may vary by specific product offering. Completion of the informational series and accompanying questionnaires does not certify that an individual has completed all necessary requirements to make a suitable purchasing decision. Additional information beyond what is provided in the video series contained herein may be required. Please consult with a financial professional for additional information before making a purchasing decision. BPD# 40006